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PURAIN 22 water 9.5+ pH .... Relax Be Healthy, DRINK WATER!
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Purain 22 alkaline  water goes through multi-step purification process 

to ensure you get the cleanest and purest water possible. With all-natural 

ionic minerals added for high alkalinity of 9.5+ Purain 22  water will hydrate 

your body and it tastes great. 

Purain 22 is sourced in the United States.

The bottles are composed of 25% plant material and 75% recycled material 

and are 100% recyclable and are BPA-free.

  1. Keeps you hydrated

  2. Refreshing taste

  3. Sparkling clean

  4. Naturally alkaline
  5. Bottled in the US

  6. From natural underground water

  7. Bottle made from 25% plant based material

  8. Bottle made from 75% recycled material 

  9. BPA free

  10. 100% recyclable 

  11. Nontoxic bottle 

  12. No phthalate100% recyclable 



  1. Helps  your body stay alkaline

  2. Immune system support

  3. Skin health

  4. Supports healthy heart

  5. Eliminates body waste 

  6. Energy boost 

  7. Reduces acid waste in your body 

  8. Helps digestion 

  9. Gives you energy 

  10. improves health